Video Production

Video Production

Commercial Work

Marketing is constantly evolving, and so are the ways in which your customers engage with your brand and services. You’ve heard the words “content is king,” out of every blog and ad agency for the past ten years, and the mounting analysis shows that video production is where you should spend your dollars. Convert your leads into sales faster with attention-grabbing videos that you can share on your website and social media platforms.

Drone Video / Aerial Photography

There is nothing more cinematic than a shot captured from hundreds of feet above the ground, and there is no easier way to make your production value skyrocket than incorporating drone footage and aerial photography into your next project. Experience your city and the surrounding areas like never before through the lens of a drone! There is a whole world of possibilities available to us now with this exciting new way to approach cinematography or our subjects.

Time Lapse Video

Time lapse videos can be breath-taking and show off a space like no other medium can. They offer incredible views of landscapes and city skylines and really bring them to life. Time lapse photography is a great way to show establishing shots or transitions in commercial work and fiction alike. They are also very time consuming to produce, so why not bring in someone whose captured hundreds and hundreds of time lapses to help share the load and produce exciting content?

Documentary Films

As an emerging documentary filmmaker, I am infinitely interested in the faces and stories behind the food and beverage industry. Behind every restaurant, or food truck, there is a story of someone’s heritage, resilience, and view of the world. From the ingredients they use, to the products they create, so much can be learned about a person or place simply through the food they serve. I wish to share their stories as a celebration of culture and life, and to honor the things that bring us together.