About Forrest

Hi, my name is Forrest.

I am a North Carolina based photographer and videographer offering high quality media content to Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and the surrounding areas. While I predominantly focus on serving the food and beverage industry, I welcome projects from all walks of life. Everyone, and everything, has a story.

I was born and raised in the woods outside of Chapel Hill, NC. My family had a garden an acre wide. We raised chickens and regularly ate full meals from what the land and livestock provided. Hurricanes of late summer would bring fallen trees, and their trunks would provide firewood to heat our home in the winter. My upbringing was a DIY wonderland and being self-sufficient was the tune we whistled while we worked.

Forrest Mason Food Photographer
Forrest Mason Food Stylist

Part of living out in the country is cooking for yourself and finding ways to keep you and your friends entertained. It wasn’t long before I was cooking dinner for my family at night and making short videos with my friends on the weekends. My entire life I’ve carried a passion for food and media.

As the worlds of food and entertainment have grabbed a hold of my insatiable curiosity, they have also dominated the majority of my career as well. From my first jobs working on farms in the country, to dishwashing and serving gigs in middle school and high school, to studying theatre and film at UNC-Asheville, to cooking professionally in kitchens in Manhattan, Asheville, and Pittsboro, to curating recipe collections at Martha Stewart Living, to filming cooking videos with Food Network personalities and iconic brands, my life has been enriched by the warm embrace of the kitchen and the culinary arts. You can follow along on my food-fueled journey by visiting my food blog The Saucy Spork.

Forrest Mason Recipe Development
Chef Forrest Mason

My wife and I returned home to the triangle area in late 2016 to discover that my beloved home town has a blossoming and thriving food scene full of incredible food and fascinating characters. I couldn’t be happier to have come home during this exciting time in our region’s history. My long history in food and visual arts and love for the area will help me capture all of the beautiful food and faces of my hometown. I look forward to hearing about your upcoming projects and finding out how I can help you make it everything you want it to be. Together, let’s create something awesome!